2018 Realignment Map

Division A – 5 Areas – 20 Clubs

AreaArea DirectorClubClub NameMeeting TimeMeeting Day
10Ken Wrede911City Power Toastmasters12:00 PMWednesday
10Ken Wrede4145Toast Of The Bay Toastmasters Club7:30 AMThursday
10Ken Wrede1505394Downtown St. Pete Toastmasters6:30 PMThursday
10Ken Wrede5922894Electric Toast12:00 PMThursday
11Shino Overaa603123Skyway Marina Toastmasters12:05 PMThursday
11Shino Overaa1526154Cool 'n Confident Toastmasters6:30 PMMonday
11Shino Overaa2309983Gulfport Toastmasters6:30 PMWednesday
11Shino Overaa2709335Toastmasters @ All Children's Hospital (TACH)7:30 AMWednesday
12Beverly Plant2284St Petersburg Toastmasters Club6:30 PMTuesday
12Beverly Plant4698Speakeasy Toastmasters Club6:15 PMMonday
12Beverly Plant5427683High Nooners12:00 PM2nd & 4th Wednesday
13Barbara Goebel5899Seminole-SPC Toastmasters Club6:15 PMTuesday
13Barbara Goebel5933STAR Toastmasters12:05 PMWednesday
13Barbara Goebel7943Easy Talkers Club11:35 AMThursday
13Barbara Goebel602900Bay Pines Toastmasters Club5:15 PMWednesday
14Beverly Kent1373645FIS Toastmasters12:00 PMThursday
14Beverly Kent1361268Bankers Toastmasters9:00 AMWednesday
14Beverly Kent2576513New Beginning Toastmasters6:30 PMThursday

Division B – 6 Areas – 24 Clubs

AreaArea DirectorClubClub NameMeeting TimeMeeting Day
20Lisa Boyd2652Raymond James Toastmasters Club7:45 AMThursday
20Lisa Boyd6597368PODS Movers & Speakers *12:00 PMWednesday
20Lisa Boyd2923Tech Data Club12:00 PMThursday
20Lisa Boyd7306Real Talkers Club9:15 AMFriday
21Bobbi Gilabert1400985Suncoast Caring Community Toastmasters5:45 PMThursday
21Bobbi Gilabert6587Clearwater Talk Of The Town Club12:00 PMTuesday
21Bobbi Gilabert1039583Renaissance Speakers Clearwater5:30 PMFriday
21Bobbi Gilabert4161004Pinellas Parler Toastmasters6:00 PM1st & 3rd Wednesday
22Virginia Papadopoulos2166Dunedin Toastmasters7:00 PMTuesday
22Virginia Papadopoulos3087Bagel Talk Toastmasters Club9:30 AMSunday
22Virginia Papadopoulos5757925TBG Toastmasters8:30 AM2nd & 4th Wednesday
22Virginia Papadopoulos1169566The Talk Of 5508 Toastmasters Club12:00 PMTuesday
23Connie Lucco2824West Pasco Toastmasters Club6:30 PMTuesday
23Connie Lucco8122Nature Coast Orators Club7:00 PMWednesday
23Connie Lucco5056504Pasco Government Toastmasters1:00 PMWednesday
23Connie Lucco5755100SWFWMD-Brooksville12:00 PMWednesday
24Christina Higgins587295Oldsmar Top of the Morning Club8:05 AMWednesday
24Christina Higgins8248Palm Harbor Toastmasters7:00 PMThursday
24Christina Higgins1772405Trinity Odessa Toastmasters8:00 AMFriday
24Christina Higgins1187415WellCare Toastmasters12:00 PMBi-Weekly Wed/Thurs
25David Gosnell 2611702Nielsen Tampa Toastmasters12:00 PMTuesday
25David Gosnell 5257721Liters to Legends ("Cott" To Be Good)12:00 PMWednesday
25David Gosnell 9822Financial Connection Toastmasters Club12:30 PM1st & 3rd Wednesday
25David Gosnell 5415593High Flyers Toastmasters12:00 PMWednesday

Division C – 6 Areas – 27 Clubs

AreaArea DirectorClubClub NameMeeting TimeMeeting Day
30Michael Childs 4001894NACCturally Speaking12:05 PMEvery other Tuesday
30Michael Childs 1346588Shriners International Headquarters12:00 PMTuesday
30Michael Childs 5342899FSQ Speech Masters5:00 PM2nd & 4th Thursday
30Michael Childs 6681060Owl's Nest2:00 PMThursday
30Michael Childs 6640445Plane Speaking @ Fly TPA10:00 AM
3:00 PM
Wednesday AM
Tuesday PM
31OPEN1347227New York Life Communicators for Life3:00 PM2nd & 4th Wednesday
31OPEN2584996WestShore Toastmasters12:00 PMTuesday
31OPEN1392714New York Life The Company That Speaks2:00 PM2nd & 4th Thursday
31OPEN1084115Travelers Tampa Commons12:00 PMThursday
32Daniel Kilburn748133PwC Tampa Talks Club12:00 PM2nd & 4th Tuesday
32Daniel Kilburn1403477Electric Supply Inc.11:00 AM2nd & 4th Tuesday
32Daniel Kilburn1610255MacDill Toastmasters Club11:30 AM1st & 3rd Tuesday
32Daniel Kilburn6630094South Tampa Toastmasters7:00 PMMonday
32 Daniel Kilburn5274756ULTIMATE ACADEMY OF SPEAKERS2:00 PM2nd & 4th Wednesday
33Emily Rogers3909Tampa Noonshiners Club12:00 PMThursday
33Emily Rogers7362Highrisers Toastmasters Club7:45 AMWednesday
33Emily Rogers3960237JLT League of Speakers6:30 PM2nd & 4th Wednesday
33Emily Rogers1639Speaker's Circle12:00 PMWednesday
34Darian Pinkston5679878Cigar City6:15 PM
9:15 AM
2nd Tuesday PM
4th Tuesday AM
34Darian PinkstonNEWToast w/ Lykes7:30 AMWednesday
34Darian Pinkston968Advanced Articulators1:00 PM2nd & 4th Saturday
34Darian Pinkston2475269Metropolitan Ministries Toastmasters12:00 PMFriday
35Renato Amarena1667Suncoast Toastmasters Club7:00 PMTuesday
35Renato Amarena5083Carrollwood Toastmasters7:00 PMWednesday
35Renato Amarena1810Tampa Toastmasters6:30 PMMonday
35Renato Amarena5343341Actsoft Toastmasters11:00 AMTuesday

Division D – 5 Areas – 22 Clubs

AreaArea DirectorClubClub NameMeeting TimeMeeting Day
40Peggy Anne Black6635390We Talk On Water (SWFWMA)12:00 PMThursday
40Peggy Anne Black1146909DTCC Tampa Toastmasters12:00 PMThursday
40Peggy Anne Black1412715Wesley Chapel Speaks7:00 PMMonday
40Peggy Anne Black5038718Zephyrhills Toastmasters7:00 PMThursday
40Peggy Anne Black6261USAA Commerce Park12:00 PMWednesday
41Edward Jayaraj 5936790Gurukulam of Tampa Toastmasters11:00 AMSunday
41Edward Jayaraj 6745Telecom Park Toastmasters12:00 PMThursday
41Edward Jayaraj 771864Metlife Motivators Club12:00 PM2nd & 4th Thursday
42Nickolas Angelo9491The Big Wheels Club12:00 PMThursday
42Nickolas Angelo15605439-12 Toastmasters7:00 PMTuesday
42Nickolas Angelo2087849Toastmasters @ USF5:30 PMWednesday
42Nickolas Angelo2799085Questmasters7:00 AM2nd & 4th Wednesday
43646888Hillsborough County Toastmasters12:05 PMWednesday
43680990JPMC Highlanders12:00 PMAlternate Thursdays
431071660The Lazydays Toastmasters Club12:00 PM2nd Wednesday
44Karl Davis831439Brandon Toastmasters Club @ HCC7:00 PMTuesday
44Karl Davis4775429Crosstown12:00 PMWednesday
44Karl Davis585644Sharing Happiness BSNA8:00 AMWednesday
44Karl Davis965840Grey Matters6:30 PM1st & 3rd Thursday

Division E – 5 Areas – 20 Clubs

AreaArea DirectorClubClub NameMeeting TimeMeeting Day
50Gwendolyn Rao619417South Shore Toastmasters6:30 PM2nd & 4th Tuesday
50Gwendolyn Rao965328Toast 'N Progress12:00 PM1st & 3rd Thursday
50Gwendolyn Rao1529878Spirited Toastmasters6:30 PM1st & 3rd Tuesday
51Traci Moore2449Bradenton Toastmasters Club6:15 PMWednesday
51Traci Moore9288Tropicana Toastmasters Club12:15 PM2nd & 4th Wednesday
51Traci Moore612315Toastmasters N Transition4:55 PMWednesday
51Traci Moore1197988Power Speakers of MCG11:30 AMThursday
52Velma Knowles 6026Sarasota Evening Club6:30 PMWednesday
52Velma Knowles 595823Bradenton Voices of Manatee County6:00 PMThursday
52Velma Knowles 1307407Herald-Tribune Advanced Toastmasters Club6:00 PM1st & 3rd Tuesday
52Velma Knowles 479Toast Of The County Club12:00 PMTuesday
53Connie Lyke-Brown7719FCCI Toastmasters Club12:00 PM2nd & 4th Tuesday
53Connie Lyke-Brown9352Positively Speaking Toastmasters Club6:00 PMFriday
53Connie Lyke-Brown5819781New College of Florida Toastmasters Club8:00 PMWednesday
53Connie Lyke-Brown1958Sarasota Toastmasters Club7:45 AMWednesday
54Doreen Birdsell7923Sarasota Herald-Tribune Club12:00 PMWednesday
54Doreen Birdsell777513Sarasota Speakers Exchange Toastmasters Club12:00 PMThursday
54Doreen Birdsell1521593Toast of Lakewood Ranch6:00 PMMonday
54Doreen Birdsell7327Sarasota WCR Toastmasters Club7:30 AM1st & 3rd Wednesday

Division F – 5 Areas – 20 Clubs

AreaArea DirectorClubClub NameMeeting TimeMeeting Day
60Gale West5486Venice Area Toastmasters Club7:30 AMTuesday
60Gale West969012Englewood Toastmasters6:30 PM2nd & 4th Thursday
60Gale West1395623North Port Toastmasters6:30 PMMonday
60Gale West6485018CC Gov Toastmasters12:00 PMThursday
61Robert Stuberg1347294Port Charlotte Toastmasters7:30 AMTuesday
61Robert Stuberg5701Electric Toasters Club12:00 PM2nd & 4th Wednesday
61Robert Stuberg9051Cape Coral Toastmasters Club6:30 PM2nd & 4th Monday
61Robert Stuberg1354558SW Florida Speakers Club10:00 AM2nd & 4th Saturday
61Robert Stuberg3608341New Heights Toastmasters3:00 PMSunday
62Robert Fulton1702Ft Myers Toastmasters Club # 17027:00 PM2nd & 4th Tuesday
62Robert Fulton8956Fort Myers Noontide Toastmasters Club12:00 PM1st & 3rd Friday
62Robert Fulton2880832Gartner Sesquipedalians12:00 PM1st & 3rd Wednesday
63Sally Watts6544Toast of The Coast Toastmasters Club12:00 PM2nd & 4th Friday
63Sally Watts2733Bonita Toastmasters7:00 PM2nd & 4th Wednesday
63Sally Watts2186602Toastmaster Academy7:00 PM3rd Wednesday/1st Thursday
63Sally Watts5486183Talk to Me Toastmasters3:00 PM2nd Friday
646743270Avow12:00 PMTuesday
648838Naples Advanced Toastmasters7:00 PM2nd & 4th Monday
649628Naples Sunrise Bay Toastmasters Club7:30 AM1st & 3rd Tuesday
642835Naples Toastmasters Club7:00 PM1st & 3rd Tuesday