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Building Club Membership: The Rotary Connection

Membership Building

By Gale West, DTM

In January 2020, Toastmasters International announced that it had formed a strategic alliance with Rotary International. Providing members with more opportunities for personal and professional growth is at the core of the newly formed Rotary/Toastmasters alliance.

Toastmasters International encourages members to invite Rotarians to visit a Toastmasters Club meeting, to consider opportunities to hold a joint Toastmasters/Rotary meeting and to invite a Rotarian to be a guest speaker.

In May 2020, Toastmasters International launched two courses specifically for Rotary members:  Develop a Speech and Deliver a Speech.  These are two of eight structured programs Toastmasters is creating for Rotary based on current Pathways content, relying on self-assessment, independent study, applied projects, peer-to-peer feedback, and reflection.

Rotarians are encouraged to have their speeches evaluated. Who can provide the best speech evaluations? Toastmasters, of course!

Rotary Clubs frequently have guest speakers. Why not offer to give a speech about effective communication skills or leadership styles, or how to craft speeches or give empowering evaluations? Rotary Clubs are meeting via Zoom. They might find it challenging to communicate on this new venue. Maybe you can offer tips on how to communicate effectively online.

To learn more about Rotary International, visit their website to find a club near you. You may also be interested in becoming a Rotarian, expanding your positive presence in your community and around the world.

Reach out to a Rotary Club near you via email, phone, or an old-fashioned letter today. Your connection may well open the door to new local relationships that will open new doors of opportunity.

For more on developing a relationship with your local Rotary Club, plan to participate in Gale’s workshop on September 16th: Building Membership: The Rotary Connection. Register today on Eventbrite.  

Gale West, DTM is the Vice-President of Education at North Port Toastmasters and Englewood Toastmasters.

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