2018-2019 District 48 Candidate Showcase


Saturday, May 19th @ 11:30 AM

Learn about candidates running for office to lead our District 48 next Toastmasters Year (2018-19) at the Candidates’ Showcase. During the showcase, members will have an opportunity to learn about each district candidate.

Listen to candidates respond to questions and explain their vision for their District leadership, their positions, views and ideas to help improve your District. before the District’s Annual Business Meeting and elections.

All Presidents and VPs Education as well as all proxy ballot holders are strongly urged to attend. Your vote will select next year’s District leadership team.

Be sure to pick up your ballot at the Credentials Desk outside of the ballroom.
Due to time constraints only candidates running for Trio positions will be showcased.

Matthew Siewert, DTM, PDG
2018 District Leadership Committee Chair
Past District 48 Governor 2014-15

Photo: Matt Siewert

Matthew Siewert, DTM, PDG is a passionate Toastmaster from the day he joined the organization. His Toastmasters journey began in 2008 while searching for opportunities to develop leadership skills at a suggestion of his manager. Soon after joining his home club at JP Morgan Chase, he learned that public speaking was part of the program which was not anything he wanted to pursue. In fact, he dreaded the day when he had to get up in front of his home club for his ice-breaker project. Well, ten years later, he can hold his own when speaking in front of a group. Even if Matt never becomes a champion of Public Speaking, Matt mostly cherishes the journey, learning and incremental development process to get him to current day competency level in public speaking.

He set out to pursue leadership skills, and pursued all the leadership development opportunities available, all the way to the top of the District ranks, serving in many club officer roles, Area Governor and executive levels of the Trio as Lt. Governor Marketing (current title Club Growth Director), Lt. Governor Education and Training (current Program Quality Director), and District 48 Governor (current District Director) in 2014-15. Matt has chaired numerous committees with the District, most recently the 2018 District Leadership committee (DLC) to interview, select and nominate candidates for elections in next year’s leadership positions, as well as Project Management Institute (PMI) where he served on the Board of Directors.

Matt credits Toastmasters for many of his personal and professional improvements, demeanor, emotional intelligence, poise and discipline that build up to a recent promotion to Vice President at JP Morgan Chase where he continues to grow his career and still active at his home club where he started. To maximize the Toastmasters program, Matt is also active in the Advanced Articulators Club, the most prestigious and the ONLY advanced club in the Tampa Bay area of which he’s one of the 6 founding members.

As Chair of this year’s DLC committee to select and nominate the candidates to lead our District 48 next Toastmasters year, Matt invites you to be part of the Candidate Showcase, where Candidates for the Trio positions will get ‘grilled’ with questions from the members of the District. Be part of the process, engage in the District, vote, run for office yourself – there is no better way to learn skills that you can pick up when serving in a Toastmasters District. There is no college or institution that equals as a substitution.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Spring Conference and the Candidate Showcase!

Welcome to 2018 District 48 Elections!

Screenshot: 2018-19 Candidates
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Please get familiar with the Nominated Candidates. The following tabs provide you insight into the candidate’s background “as submitted” by the Candidates themselves.

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