Club Officer Training

Club Officer Training: Vice President Public Relations

Club Officer Training: Vice President Membership

Club Officer Training: President


You don’t have to be an officer to attend TLI training; it is for everyone.


Help Us Spread the Word… Please encourage your fellow Toastmasters to attend


You will receive DCP credit for the club office(s) you actually hold in your club.


Training happens twice a year.

  • Between June 1 – Aug 31
  • Between Nov 1 – Feb 28
Image: Virtual Club Officer Training


Club Leadership Handbook

President’s Resources

President Self-Evaluation Form

President Training Guide

President Training PDF

Pathways Base Camp Manager Duties

VP Education’s Resources

VP Education Self-Evaluation Form

VP Education Training Guide

VP Education Training PDF

Pathways Base Camp Manager Duties

VP Membership’s Resources

VP Membership Self-Evaluation Form

VP Membership Training Guide

VP Membership Training PDF

VP Public Relations’ Resources

VP Public Relations Self-Evaluation Form

VP Public Relations Training Guide

VP Public Relations Training PDF

VP Public Relations Marketing Tools

Club Events

Brand Portal

Secretary’s Resources

Secretary Self-Evaluation Form

Secretary Training Guide

Secretary Training PDF

Pathways Base Camp Manager Duties

Club Meeting Minutes Templates

Executive Meeting Minutes Templates

Treasurer’s Resources

Treasurer Self-Evaluation Form

Treasurer Training Guide

Treasurer Training PDF

Club Dues Receipt

Dues Renewal FAQs

Sergeant at Arms’ Resources

SAA Self-Evaluation Form

SAA Training Guide

SAA Training PDF