District Awards

Joseph E. Miller Awards

Joseph E. Miller (1944 – 2011) was a dedicated Toastmaster from Clearwater, Florida. He touched many people with his warmth and enthusiasm in Toastmasters and his community.

Joe served as a volunteer for Pinellas Habitat for Humanity and became President Emeritus of AIDS Partnership Inc. He was also a proud Distinguished Toastmaster.

This award was created to honor his memory. An engraved plaque is presented to Toastmasters who exemplify Joe’s spirit and commitment.

2021-2022Gloria Churchill, DTM
Ted Shelly, DTM
2020-2021Sean Forrester, DTM
2019-2020Not Awarded
2018-2019Robert Rizzo, DTM
2017-2018Nickolas Angelo, DTM;
Christopher Pritchard, DTM;
Matthew Siewert, DTM, PDD
2016-2017Rene Enfield, DTM
2015-2016Freeman Morey, DTM, PDD
2014-2015Lynn Perry, DTM
2013-2014Bernadette Azai, DTM
Charlene Pillot
2012-2013Ron Rice, DTM, PDD

Lifetime Achievement Awards

The District 48 Lifetime Achievement Award acknowledges those who recognize the benefits of Toastmasters, who give back to the organization through their dedicated hard work and insightful leadership.

2021-2022Emily Drenberg, DTM, PDD
Robyn Featherston, DTM, PDD
Freeman Morey, DTM, PDD
2020-2021Christopher Pritchard, DTM
Robert Rizzo, DTM
Mary Lou Williams, DTM
2019-2020Not Awarded
2018-2019Emmett Clary
Vijayn U. Nair, DTM, PDD
Richard "Dick" Sanders, DTM
Ragnhild Sunde, DTM
Bob Turel, DTM

District Governor's/Director's Choice Award

2021-2022Gina Lovick, DTM
2020-2021Not Awarded
2019-2020Not Awarded
2018-2019Nickolas Angelo, DTM
2017-2018James "Jim" Ellis, DTM
2016-2017Bob Schlesinger
2015-2016Emily Drenberg, DTM, PDD
2014-2015John Morse, DTM

District Toastmaster of the Year Award

2021-2022Not Awarded
2020-2021Robyn Featherston, DTM, PDD
2019-2020Not Awarded
2018-2019MaryLynn Vierling, DTM
Terry Babb, DTM
2017-2018Christopher Dorhety
2016-2017Cherie Haslup
2015-2016John Morse, DTM
2014-2015James Ellis, DTM
2013-2014Adam Hsu, DTM
2012-2013Kathleen Jackson Sparky Lovejoy, DTM

Past Communication & Leadership Achievement Awards

2021-2022Not Awarded
2020-2021Not Awarded
2019-2020Not Awarded
2018-2019Eric Deggans, NPR Journalist & Educator
2017-2018Dr Kiran Patel, Philanthropist
2016-2017Joseph Lopano, TIA CEO
2015-2016Marie Silverman, Holocaust Survivor
2014-2015Ed Hunzeker, Manatee County Administrator
2013-2014Fran Taylor Powers, Power Stories Founder
2012-2013Pam Iorio, Mayor of Tampa

District 48 International Speech Champions

YearChampionFinal StatusLocation
2022Jay KahmiVirtual
2021Allen BlackVirtual
2020Jay KamhiVirtual
2019Larry Kokko3rd place quarter finalsDenver, CO
2018Larry Kokko3rd in semifinal round Chicago, IL
2017Kevin Stamper1st place in semifinal round; 3rd in final round of WCPSVancouver, Canada
2016Dwight GilmoreWashington, DC
2015Michael WilliamsLas Vegas, NV
2014Shawn Rhodes2nd in semifinal roundKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2013Shawn Purvis3rd in semifinal roundCincinnati, Oh