District 48 Trio for 2017-18

The District Leadership Committee below was elected at the Saturday, April 29 Business Meeting:

Vijayn Nair
Vijayn NairDistrict Director-Elect
Cathy Naabe
Cathy NaabeProgram Quality Director-Elect
Emily Drenberg
Emily DrenbergClub Growth Director-Elect


Robyn Featherston
Robyn FeatherstonDivision A Director
Gina Lovick
Gina LovickDivision B Director
Steve Hendershott
Steve HendershottDivision C Director
Division D Director Candidate
Division D Director CandidateVacant
Linda Ruescher
Linda RuescherDivision E Director
Amanda Figueroa
Amanda FigueroaDivision F Director
Cherie Haslup
Cherie HaslupDivision G Director
Daniel Cruz
Daniel CruzDivision H Director