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Do You Want to Create a Facebook Page for Your Club?

Gina Lovick, District 48 Public Relations Manager 2021-2022

Creating a Facebook page is a fantastic idea because Facebook not only allows you to share photos of your club meetings, but it permits you to tag your club members into those photos and get the word out about the amazing things that are happening in your Toastmasters club.

I’m going to walk you through how to create a page that will help to create a powerful public relations platform for your club.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  • Sign up on Facebook

  • Create a page

  • Add images, contact info and other details after you create the page


01 Sign Up on Facebook

To create a club’s Facebook business page (which includes nonprofits) , first sign up for a personal Facebook account. A Facebook business page is linked to a personal Facebook account.

Can I open a Facebook business page without having a Facebook account?
No, the first step to creating a Facebook page starts with having a Facebook account, which is usually a personal account. The business page is created based on this account.
What is difference between a business page and a Facebook account?
A Facebook account is a personal account that is used to sign up to a Facebook platform, while a Facebook page is for businesses. A person with one account can create different Facebook pages.


02 Create a Page

To begin, head to Facebook. On the left-hand menu, choose Pages > Create New Page. This should launch the Page creator within your Facebook interface.

After clicking the “Create a page” button, fill out the Page Information in the left margin.

Page Name:

Put the name of your club exactly as listed by Toastmasters International


I recommend you follow the choices that Toastmasters International has made for its own Facebook page.

Facebook permits a maximum of 3 categories. Consider selecting Nonprofit Organization, following the lead of Toastmasters International. You can stop after 1 category or go on to list a second or third choice.


Write a brief description for your club

After you’ve done this you’ll notice that the Create Page button at the bottom of the left margin has turned Blue.

Click the blue Create Page button!

Congratulations you have created your club’s page!

03 Add images, contact info and other details after you create the page

Before you add a cover photo, profile image or post images… Please refer to the Toastmasters International Brand Manual.

Following the branding guidelines makes publicizing your club easier. Toastmasters is an internationally recognized and respected brand. If you look like a Toastmasters club, then the public can immediately feel confident in the decision to interact with your club.

For your convenience, Toastmasters provides professional images you can use. Go to

You can use other images which align with the guidelines.

Toastmasters also provides some options for Your Facebook cover on this web page:

Please note from the Brand Manual:


Can clubs and Districts create their own logo,

theme, and/or tagline?


Unfortunately, no. We understand each club and each District are unique; however, individual logos and mottos create a lot of confusion and dilute the power of the brand.


Now you are all set to invite people to Follow your page. Start by getting all your club members to follow the club’s page.

With your club members as ‘Followers’ of your club’s page, you are all set to start posting photos and tagging members!

I encourage you to share lots of photos there as regularly as you can. Be prepared to watch your membership grow.

Good luck!

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