Frequently Asked Questions

When a member does not pay their dues on time, they are immediately suspended from and Pathways. They also become ineligible to compete in any speech contests. Access to and Pathways will be restored once dues are brought current.

Clubs have 30 days to bring the club dues current by paying for 8 or more members. If the club fails to do that in 30 days, they will lose access to club central at

The grace period for dues renewals disappeared a few years ago. There is NO grace period for dues renewal.

Any member in good standing must also belong to a club in good standing in order to compete in any contest.

If the member’s club is not in good standing, then the member – even though their dues are paid – cannot participant in an area, division, or district level contest.

Yes, clubs are allowed to join their local chamber of commerce. The club may also use club funds to pay for the membership as long as the following applies:

  • The club membership has voted on using club funds to pay these membership dues.
  • The club has budgeted for this.
  • The club is the holder of the membership and not an individual.
  • The funds are only being used for the membership, meaning that club funds shouldn’t be used for extraneous chamber events like mixers or social gatherings that require payments in addition to their membership amount unless otherwise voted on.
  • The purpose of the membership in the chamber is to advertise the virtues and benefits of joining their Toastmasters club as a method of informing the public about Toastmaster’s programs and club marketing for membership purposes.
  • Ideally, all members should have access to the chamber for Toastmaster’s purposes; if not, the club should vote on who is to be their representative at the chamber