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From Introvert to Social Butterfly

From Our Members, Member Showcase

A story of transformation as told by Jon Beiler

My brother and I began operating our family auto repair business after graduating from high school in 1982. I was the lead technician. My brother was the service writer and handled the customers. I liked it that way. I didn’t want to talk to people. I just wanted to fix their cars and be left alone. I was mostly an introvert. At social gatherings, I was content to blend in and only engaged in a conversation if someone else initiated it.

In 2011, I earned my real estate license and realized I needed to increase my ability to speak and communicate effectively. That same year I joined Toastmasters. The skills I’ve learned and the experience I’ve gained through Toastmasters have been invaluable to me and has completely reshaped my future and even my personality. Yes, Toastmasters taught me how to speak and be comfortable in front of a group, but it has also made me a much better communicator when speaking one on one. Now my wife says I am the social butterfly of the family at gatherings!

My daughter got married recently. At the reception, I gave a speech where I shared memories of her life, being her dad, and how proud I was of her. By the time I finished, there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience–including mine.

This one event made all the time and effort I invested in Toastmasters so very worth it!


John Beiler is a member of Sarasota WCR Toastmasters Club in Sarasota, Florida. To find a Toastmasters Club near you, visit

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