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By: Emily L Drenberg, DTM, IPDD, Webmaster

Have you served in ALL meeting Roles?
Would you like to be recognized for that accomplishment?
The FULL Circle Program was designed to do exactly that!

How do you earn a FULL Circle program pin?

  • The FULL Circle must be completed within 6 months of the first date entered. 
    • Why within 6 months?
      FULL Circle is designed to reward participation.

      • For clubs that meet weekly, there are at least 24 meetings in which to serve in all 8 roles.
      • For clubs that meet bi-monthly, there are 12 meetings in which to serve in all 8 roles.
  • Only one FULL Circle Pin is awarded per Club membership within District 48, per year.
    • If you belong to multiple clubs, you can earn a FULL Circle pin for each club.
    • One pin per Club Membership within District 48, per Toastmasters year – provided dues are paid and current.

How is FULL Circle different from Pathways My Account?

 In Pathways, meeting roles are also tracked under My Account, but only seven roles are tracked. Pathways does not include all eight of the roles that appear in the FULL Circle program.

Additionally, you track meeting roles in Pathways in relationship to the path you are working, so there is no time frame requirement like there is in FULL Circle.

Completing the seven roles in Pathways My Account awards you a badge within Pathways. Completing all eight roles in the FULL Circle program awards you a FULL Circle pin given out at district level events such as special events, TLIs, Division Contests, and Conferences.

FULL Circle Program Serve as:                Pathways My Account Serve as:

Speaker                                                               ——————

Toastmaster                                                      Toastmaster

Table Topics Master                                      Table Topics Master

Timer                                                                   Timer

Evaluator                                                            Evaluator

Ah-Counter                                                      Ah-counter

General Evaluator                                          General Evaluator

Grammarian                                                     Grammarian


Once you have completed ALL eight roles listed under the FULL Circle program within the 6 month time frame, simply go to:

WWW.District48.org > Click on Resources > Click on FULL Circle Program

From there, scroll to:

Once you are on the form, simply enter name, your email address, your club name, and the dates that you completed each role.

This will add you to the FULL circle program. FULL Circle Pins will be awarded at the conference – Jazz Up Your Journey!

Thank you for your interest in the FULL Circle Program!

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