Grow Your Club’s Membership: Host a Meetup

Membership Building

By Gale West, DTM

Individuals and groups use Meetup to promote their events, activities, and meetings to people who have similar interests.  Meetup is a social networking site that allows you to find and join groups related to your own personal interests. However, instead of just talking about these interests online, Meetup is used to organize offline and in-person meetings in your area of interest.

Is your Toastmasters Club using Meetup to promote your club’s meetings and events?  Is your Meetup up to date?

Not sure?

Go to and click on Events. You will see a rectangular box on the left side of the page that shows List and Calendar.  Click on Calendar. When the Calendar is populated with Toastmaster Club information, search for the date and time of your Club meeting.  If it’s there, your Club has a Meetup page!


When you find your Club Meetup, register to attend meetings for 6 weeks at a time–even if you are not sure whether you can attend.  WHY?  First, to show support for your Club. Second, to entice other Meetup members to attend your Club meetings. (Would you want to attend an activity or a meeting if only one person was shown as an attendee?)


If you did NOT find your Club Meetup, it’s time to set one up and begin attracting potential members to your Club who are interested in public speaking, improving communication skills, and enhancing leadership skills.  Your club Meetup is FREE!!  (Actually, there is a cost, but the fee is paid by District 48, which makes it free for Toastmasters Clubs in District 48.)

If you are new to Meetup, you first need to create a free Meetup profile. It’s as easy to sign up as it is fun to meet up! When creating your personal Meetup account, you have the option to use your email address, or just connect through your Facebook or Google account.  (PLEASE, when you join the District 48 Meetup, always use your first name and last name or first name and initial of your last name.  It is especially important if you wish to serve as Host to update your Club Meetup in the future.)

If your Club wishes to have a Meetup page, send the following information to District 48 Meetup Chair Gale West, DTM at [email protected].

Information required to set up Club Meetup

  • Club Name
  • Meeting Day/Time
  • Meeting Venue & Location
  • Welcome Message (Why would guests want to visit your Club meeting?)
  • Host (usually VPPR and/or Secretary)

Gale will create your Club Meetup and assign the Host you designate to manage your Club Meetup on a regular basis.  (Gale does NOT maintain your Club Meetup, but she is available to answer questions and offer assistance as necessary.)

Meetup works! Every month 3-5 people check out the Toastmasters District 48 Meetup site looking for a way to improve their speaking and communication skills.  When they inquire, they are referred to to help them locate a Club near them.  Be sure your Club’s website is up to date, so potential members can easily connect with your Club.

Join us on District 48’s Meetup today!

Still have questions? Plan to attend Gale’s training, “Attract More Guests With Meetup,” on Wednesday, August 12th at 7 pm. Register now on Eventbrite.

Gale West, DTM is the District 48 Meetup Chair. She currently serves as Vice-President of Education at North Port Toastmasters and Englewood Toastmasters.


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