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How to Maximize your District 48 Spring 2020 Conference Experience

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By Jeannette Sweeney, Conference Chair

Is this your first-time attending District 48 Spring Conference? Well, you are in luck! We are answering your questions in advance to help you get the most our of your conference experience.

Here are the quick answers to the question most often asked by first timers:

  • What to wear; what to pack?
    • Pack comfortable shoes
    • Friday night dinner reception – casual wear
    • Workshops – comfortable attire
    • Saturday dinner – semi-formal dress attire
  • Other items to note
    • Bring plenty of Business cards
    • Water bottle to stay hydrated
    • Make sure you are in the right mindset at the conference with fewer distractions; advise your family and friends outside where you will be in case of an emergency and turn on your email out-of-office reply to your email

10 ideas that will improve your conference experience


1) Gain visibility – volunteer to assist at the conference as a facilitator, a presenter or volunteer during a contest functionary, help sell 50/50 raffle tickets.

2) Build strong relationships – find out if friends you have not spoken with in a while are attending, meet up with them and catch up before the conference. Find out who will be attending the conference and make a connection with that member before the main event.


3) Attend the first-timers Meet & Greet where you will be briefed on the activities. Bring your business cards to share with newbies just like you. Bring something to keep your new business cards in such as a credit card holder.  Write down on back of business cards something special about the new person you just met.  If you are attending by yourself, you may meet someone to sit with at dinner table. Or, bring a friend with you to share in the new experience.

4) Choose the right education sessions for you ahead of time. The agenda will be published on District48 website closer to the actual event. Plan ahead for the workshops and activities you would like to attend. Determine which sessions will benefit you the most and how you can benefit from attending these workshops

5) Bring a note pad. Remember what you learned. Write down the 3 main take-aways for each session you attend and how you can use these take-aways in the future.

6) Connect with the presenters before or after their session. Be sure to pick up one of their business cards. If you aren’t able to ask the question you wanted to ask, you will have their contact information to follow-up after the conference.

7) Schmooze at the conference. Attend the evening activities. Meet up with friends old and new in a more comfortable setting – such as a gathering for members who are not ready to close out the evening and just want to chat and relax. It’s what we call Post Toasties!

8) Unplug. Leave your mobile device at home or shut it off during the workshops/dinner so you aren’t distracted. Things can wait. You will have the chance to interact on a personal note with your fellow Toastmasters.


9) Friendly follow up – You collected many business cards and contact information. After a few days, it’s a good idea to connect with the people you met and make a date to meet up with your new connections.

10) Pay it forward – Share the wealth of information you received at the conference. You just might inspire another first timer to attend the annual event the following year.

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