Duangduan Geeratisoontorn (aka Donna G) has been a member at Saint Petersburg Toastmasters Club 2284 since February of 2014.  She joined because she desperately needed help to become a better thinker, reader, writer, and speaker. Her listening skill was already excellent, so she listened and learned well from other members.  Her positive attitude toward life also helped her get along well with other people.  She had served club 2284 as Vice President of Membership, Vice President of Education and President. Currently, she is a Vice President of Public Relation.  For the future, if the opportunity knocks! Who know, she may become one of the Area Director for District 48 and so on.

Donna was a young teenager with the big dream of becoming the pharmacist.  She spent first fourteen years of her life living in various small towns in Thailand with her mom, step dad, and two siblings. She was fortunate enough to be able to move halfway around the world from Thailand to USA in 1976, with the support from her biological dad and step mom. With this opportunity, she was one step closer to accomplish her dream of becoming the future pharmacist.  In Chicago, as her little life took the twists and turns, along with the fate, destiny and determination, not only did she complete her Doctorate degree of Pharmacy in 1994, she also had gotten married to a wonderful man and had given birth to the two beautiful babies along the way.

As life moves on, in 2001, she decided to move her family of four to Saint Petersburg, Florida. Donna continued to be blessed with all the wonderful things in life with great jobs, great families and friends. However, as she was climbing up the ladder of success in her pharmacy world, she had a very difficult time managing the daily tasks as a clinical coordinator of Pharmacy. She decided to step down after three years of that middle management position.

She concluded that since English was never her primary language; she had failed to perform well at her job to Toastmasters. She had found her answer…. Join Toastmasters!

Toastmasters may not be the answer to everything, but it was an answer to something to her…. She had found her self worth.  After three years of being a member, she worth a lot! She is more proud of who she is today, just simply be a Toastmaster.

Duanduan Geeratisoontorn (aka Donna G.) CC,CL
Saint Petersburg Toastmasters Club, Area A 12