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Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

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A story of how following intuition and taking action led to personal success by Rafeea Roche


My name is Rafeea Roche. I am the creator of The Lifestyle Exchange Co. in Tampa and the owner of Spectacular Creations LLC in South Florida. I am an Intuitive Mindset Life Coach. I teach my clients how to tap into their intuition and help them recognize the limiting beliefs in their life.

I always knew that I wanted to reach more women worldwide because many are suffering and need a little guidance, direction, and tools to move forward. One of my goals was to be an international motivational speaker AND deliver a speech on TED talk one day. I knew deep down in my core that I wanted to show up more for women all over the world; but what I was hearing in my head was, “International Speaker? You? No one really understands what an intuitive mindset coach is. You can’t reach an international audience!”

It’s my nature to have a strategy. I knew I couldn’t do it by myself. I needed a plan. I immediately did the “work” (as we call it) on overcoming limiting beliefs process. My next thought was, “Okay, Ms. Coach, what would you tell your client to do?” It was the AHA-moment that changed my life forever!

The intense feeling is hard to describe. It was a tiny voice; call it spirit, call it God, call it the universe. I had no clue. I heard “join Toastmasters.” I hadn’t heard that word in over 25 years when someone was rambling on about it in high school!

Well, I called it “intuition” and I acted upon it. The nearest club was 10 minutes away. I contacted the club, spoke to Verlyn, the club’s VP, and got some information about the meeting. She was warm and welcoming!

Did I mention that I had a live in-person paid training in a few weeks and I was the facilitator! I was terrified. Traditionally, I trained one-to-one or via live chat and was comfortable in those situations. The thought of facilitating training with an entire group of women live was nerve-wracking!

My life changed the following Tuesday! I joined the club and selected the Effective Coaching Pathway right away. I couldn’t believe how everything aligned for me.

I was excited to start the next phase of my journey, so I jumped into the Toastmasters program. I received immediate feedback on my speeches from members of my club, including Keith, a 40-year veteran. With their support and encouragement and exceptional feedback, my self-confidence grew. Each week there was a noticeable improvement. It was almost too good to be true!

The day for my workshop arrived, and it was a full house of amazing women doctors, designers, first responders, entrepreneurs. That day was magical for me because my opening speech had been practiced, edited, and polished in my Toastmasters’ meetings. I established instant credibility with the audience and felt an immediate connection with them. The training was utterly flawless. The women were opening up, sharing, engaging, learning, ultimately shifting energy, and transforming even as I spoke. It felt like a dream, living out what was the beginning of my once “limiting belief” turned into “inspired action.”

I give thanks to Toastmasters for providing a solid pathway and exceptional support, which gave me the courage I needed to move forward in my career. It was just the beginning for me. I still have a TED talk to present!

My message is to never give up on yourself, your dreams, goals, desires, and aspirations. If you don’t show up for yourself, who will? My success in becoming an international motivational speaker might never happen had I not followed my intuition and checked out what Toastmasters had to offer!


Rafeea Roche is a member of South Shore Toastmasters Club in Ruskin, Florida. To find a Toastmasters Club near you, visit

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