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Pathways Training Videos from Toastmasters International

Accessing Certificates
Accessing Speech Evaluation Resources
Accessing the Pathways Mentor Program
Accessing Your Path
Assess Your Skills
Completing a Level
Completing a Project
Individual Progress Dashboard
Launching a Project
Let’s log in to Base Camp
Let’s visit the Base Camp homepage
Printing a Project
Providing Feedback and Awarding Badges
Requesting Feedback
Responding to Feedback Requests
Saving Documents in Your Eportfolio
Scheduling a Speech Outside Your Club
Searching and Browsing on Base Camp
Selecting and Completing Elective Projects
Tracking Your Meeting Roles
Updating Your Base Camp Profile
Viewing Another Member’s Profile
Viewing Badges

District 48 Chief Educational Ambassador (2019-2021) Sean Forrester presents 

Pathways training in four (4) 15-minute podcasts.

Get a quick review of the Pathways resources available on the District 48 website. Learn how to log in to Base Camp and take the Assessment. Understand the Navigator, My Feedback, and My Badges elements.

Learn to navigate Base Camp including the Speech Evaluation elements; review the Ice Breaker Evaluation form for changes in evaluations. Dive into the 9 steps of any Pathways project. Also review completed projects and Level Completion signal, evaluation and certificate.

More on the Transcript element and an explanation of the Required vs. Elective Projects. Also resetting your path and a discussion of the mini-Path Pathways Mentoring Program. Review of Role Logging element and the District 48 Full Circle program.

Includes a review of the Record Keeping E-portfolio and badges. Review of the Paths & Core Competencies Guide and Paths & Projects Catalog. Review the requirements for the Distinguished Toastmasters Award (DTM).

Other Pathways Resources

  • Pathways Education Program

Level Charts [Mark Snow, DTM (District 69)]

Paths and Core Competencies [Toastmasters International]

Competencies by Level [Matt Kleinosky, DTM (District 60)]

Path Descriptions [District 62]

Where’s the CC & CL?

Step Up A Level This Year

  • Base Camp System

Base Camp Glossary [District 8]

Base Camp Basics [George Marshall, DTM (District 57)]

Base Camp Meeting Role Requirements [District 13]

Base Camp Managers Duties [Toastmasters International]

  • Helpful Articles

New Member Quick Start [District 3]

New Member Checklist [District 3]

New Member Gotchas [District 3]

51 Ways to Integrate Pathways [Heather Turner, DTM (District 69)]

  • Forms

Generic Pathways Evaluation [Toastmasters International]

Mentor Program Completion [Toastmasters International]

DTM Project Evaluation [Toastmasters International]

DTM Award Application [Toastmasters International]