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Printing Your Pathways Project

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By: Sean F. Forrester, DTM
Chief Pathways Guide, District 48

For some Toastmasters, there is nothing better than to have a printed copy of the current project on which s/he is working.

Whether it is to read off-line by the side of the pool, or to share and discuss with one’s Mentor, sometimes there are advantages to having your project printed on paper.

Thankfully, Toastmasters International provided a solution for that.

In The Flow of a Pathways Project blog, I discussed how every project follows the same 9 steps. Step #7, which I called “Prepare and Deliver Speech/Role” is found on the page entitled “Your Evaluation”.

This is where I recommended you cease moving forward online until you have completed the one or more speeches, roles and/or activities specifically required in the project assignment.


Also found on this same page is a link titled Print My Project. If you click on this link, a new tab will open in your browser and a PDF version of the entire project will be made available. The first page of this PDF looks identical to the on-line Introduction, and the second details a Table of Contents for all the remaining on-line elements.




You can easily print this PDF to your local printer and voilà, a paper copy of your project.

If you have specific questions or comments about Pathways, please feel free to email me at [email protected].

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