There is nothing like a great horse race. 1.5 miles in 2 minutes takes countless hours of training, pushing through home stretch and never losing sight of the finish line. The horse and jockey are focused and regardless if they come in first, they give it their all and celebrate their accomplishments.

District 48 is currently in the 2016-17 “horse” race. Everyone is pushing to reach their goals before June 30. In February we are on the back side of the track nearing the bend that will lead to the home stretch. Like a race, we need to commit and focus to celebrate our accomplishments.

Are you thinking, ‘Why is it always about the numbers?’ If you have defined a specific outcome (personal, club, area, division or district goal), to know if the outcome was achieved you need to measure!

  •              Have you earned your CC and CL?
  •              Have you earned an Advanced Communicator or Leader award?
  •              Did you earn three educational awards to receive a Triple Crown pin at the fall event?
  •              Have you applied what you learned and lead more effective club and work meetings?
  •              Are you more confident when in the hot seat at work -you can now sputter out a coherent response to a question!
  •              Did you grow in leadership by serving your club or by holding a district office?
  •              Have you checked the Toastmasters International dashboard to measure what we need at the club to district level?

Everyone in District 48 is standing by cheering on our members, clubs, areas, divisions and the district. Like a horse race, the excitement is high when we hit the finish line and we have poured out our best!

Will you reach the finish line achieving your goals?
Lynn Perry, DTM
Program Quality Director