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The Trick to Making Facebook Posts Work for Your Club

Gina Lovick, District 48 Public Relations Manager 2021-2022

Do You Want More Club Members?

Add a Facebook Photographer to Your Meeting Roles!

Here’s an idea about how you can create more interest and more guests visiting your Toastmasters club using Facebook.
If you’ve never used Facebook, don’t worry! I’ll be explaining to you exactly how to do it… the step-by-step.

01 The first step of this idea is that at each of your club meetings assign one person the task to take some photos at your meeting.

It could be photos of:
  • people speaking
  • Table Topics
  • The audience or
  • participants receiving awards


02 The second thing is for the photographer to then post those photos onto your Facebook page

03 Thirdly, when posting the photo tag the members in those photos.

The beauty of tagging is:
  • those members they will naturally be able to see those photos appear in their newsfeed on Facebook
… which means that they will be able to create conversations about:
  • what’s going on in their Toastmasters club meetings and
  • mention the benefits of being a member


The post and the comments made by members will not just reach other members, but actually reach all of their friends!
Let me say that again. This process is able to reach the Facebook friends of the members who are tagged in the post!
That can be a lot of people!
Create some interaction because who knows who might be out there in our groups and circles of friends and colleagues. Who knows who may be interested in the benefits of Toastmasters!
Lots of people privately wish they could be more inspirational, motivational or maybe take the lead in their community. Some people just want a better life and they don’t know what they could get out of Toastmasters.

Adding the meeting role of Facebook Photographer is a great way to get members involved in the adventure of getting new members.

By assigning it as a meeting role, the task of member recruitment can’t fall out of sight or become a responsibility left to pile up on one person.
You could even ask the photographer for a report on last weeks’ Facebook activity. How many photos were posted? How many comments were made?
This can be a lot of fun and remember a little bit of effort to make a post, tag members and leave a comment goes a very long way!

I hope that this is an idea you will implement in your club!


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