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By Robin Riddell, DTM

Are you planning to attend an upcoming TLI? Not sure because you’ve never been before? We surveyed some of our members who have been to Toastmasters Leadership Institute and here’s what they had to say:

From Monica, “To get new ideas. To get re-energized, find out what’s new and reconnect with people I don’t see too often. I learn something new each time I go,”

Gerri says, “The value is incredible! I have paid hundreds of dollars for the level of training offered at these events. One of the best added value items Toastmasters has to offer.”

Gina is a club officer who said, “It’s my responsibility to learn how to build a better club. It’s fun meeting new people.”

Here’s what Lavon had to say, “I enjoy learning and improving myself. I always hear something that gives me a different perspective and makes me think differently. Being an introvert, I can go to a TLI and automatically have something in common with everyone there. Being around people who are trying to improve themselves inspires me to better myself also.”

Carrie is a long-time Toastmaster and current club officer, “I have been to several TLIs and while there is some repeated information, it never hurts to keep up with the basics. Plus, sometimes there are valuable tools I haven’t seen before.

Sharon shard, “TLI provides me with a means to learn from more experienced Toastmasters. I also enjoy networking with and meeting like-minded people. TLI makes me a better Toastmaster because I am able to see what positions are offered to members, and how those positions benefit our club.”

Long-time Toastmaster Chris (who has attended several TLIs) said, “I always find TLI to be a learning and connecting experience. This is my 10th year and I have been to more than 20 TLIs. There is something new to learn and new people to meet or just go to recharge your Toastmasters batteries!”

Emily is another long-time Toastmaster and former District Director. She says, “TLI is the perfect opportunity to introduce your mentees to the leadership possibilities Toastmasters offers.”

Robyn says: “I like the feedback from other clubs experiencing the same issues. I usually learn something new and I get to catch up with other people I know.” Robyn also says she goes, “Because she has to!” Well, she is the District Director after all!

What about you?

Are you getting all you can out of your Toastmasters experience?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Make plans now to attend the Toastmasters Leadership Institute that is most convenient for you.

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