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By: Sean F. Forrester, DTM, Chief Educational Ambassador, District 48

Did you know there are currently 60 projects in the Base Camp system, not counting the Pathways Mentoring program or the final Distinguished Toastmaster projects?

Did you also realize that 24 of these projects, or 40%, only show up in a single Path, with the exception of “Leading in Any Situation”, which shows up in only two Paths?

These five slides highlight which unique projects that are found within which of the eleven currently available Paths. Note that the “Lead in Any Situation” project is found in both the Dynamic Leadership and the Team Collaboration Paths.

Why is this important?

One of the most awesome aspects of the Pathways Education System is the breadth and depth of learning opportunities that are available to Toastmasters as compared to the Traditional System we had before. At its introduction, we were offered the opportunity to take “The Assessment”, a great on-line tool that poses a series of questions and uses your input to recommend three Paths that seem to fit best. At a high level, I have found that this is a useful exercise to help the Toastmaster make his/her Path selection.

However, if you’re keen to learn some very relevant and useful skills and competencies from Pathways, I recommend you explore a level deeper, by looking at these 24 projects in greater detail. One good source of information is the Paths and Projects Guide located on the District 48 website [].

Armed with your Assessment recommendations AND a priority list of unique projects allows you to leverage even more the Pathways Learning Experience we have available.

If you have specific questions or comments, please feel free to email me at [email protected].

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