Photo: Table Topics Jeopardy

What IS Table Topics Jeopardy?

As in the game show format, we came up with six categories and six questions under each category. The levels in each category run from 100 to 600 with the aim that each successive higher level had a slightly more challenging question. Levels 500 and 600 had an extra movement requirement to further stretch the speakers. For example, answer this question while pantomiming a tennis game or try juggling while delivering an answer (balls were provided).

You can make up your own rules, but we have played it by having groups of four answer one question each and the club blind votes on the best handled question. Then those winners go head to head, each answering another question (I like to keep these to 500 or 600 levels only.) The club votes to recognize the champion of the day.

Note about the props: You can make the session simple by using a white or chalk board, tape cards with questions to the board (or poster) or simply have the number posted. The MC can have all the questions in hand. Over the holidays, we camped it up with a festive elf retrieving the questions and delivering them to the MC during a command performance for the Venice Area Toastmasters Club.

When Toastmasters International President Mike Storkey came to visit, we wanted the presentation to be even more professional. I covered a piece of thin plywood board with gray felt for our Jeopardy board. Velcro served to stick category tags and question envelopes with the point levels to the board. Then it was easy to type and print the questions for all categories and levels and place the slips of paper in the envelopes for a “polished” presentation.

Take this idea and run with it OR use it as a spring board to come up with something suited for your own club’s personality. We love it and are happy to share.