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What’s Time Have To Do With It?

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By Emily Drenberg DTM Past District Director In 2011, I was sent to the Progressive Insurance Call Center in Austin to catch that call center up on some soft-skill training. Half way through the second week that I was there, the training manager sat in on one of the training sessions. At the end of…
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We Need Help Writing Blog Posts!

By Heather Parsons Public Relations Manager, District 48 Do you have an idea for a great article or piece of news that would appeal to fellow Toastmasters? If you have a great story to share, we’re looking for help writing blog posts to be published at District48.org.  Possible topics could include: A member spotlight of…
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Skills I learned at Toastmasters that forever altered my life!

Written by May Ghali, DTM (Edited by Rev. Garrett A. Foster) Toastmasters is a nonprofit organization which empowers its members to develop communication and leadership skills through sharing our experiences and stories. Those skills improve personal growth and self-confidence. Four years ago, I joined a local Toastmasters club, began attending weekly meetings, and pursued the…
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Photo: Gale West

Make a Difference

by Gale West, DTM Who insisted that I come to this meeting? I really don’t remember who it was. But here I was in 2012 sitting next to a local attorney in the Board of Realtors meeting room listening to someone talking about Toastmasters. The attorney, who was the new President of the local Chamber,…
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Photo: Crystal Berner

Backstage with Crystal Berner, DTM

Competing is all about growth. Notice how I didn’t say that “winning is all about growth.”   As most of us know, Toastmasters is a safe, fun environment to set communication/leadership goals, and of course, see them achieved or even exceeded. When I started in Toastmasters in February 2012, I had no idea how much…
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Backstage with Jim Simms, DTM

My Toastmaster Journey – How I Learned To Pause By Jim Simms, DTM The actor Kyle Chandler said, Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself when you beat down the door.” Toastmasters is an opportunity to make a powerful difference when those positive voices – Beat the Door Down! I never heard of Toastmasters until…
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The Secret Sauce to Building Club Membership!

How come some clubs don’t struggle with membership? Isn’t that the sixty-four thousand dollar question! Wouldn’t we all like to know! Rarely does anyone ever try to answer this question with anything other than opinion or speculation. Where are the metrics? There must be something quantifiable! As the Public Relations Manager for District 48, I…
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