Brenda Alloco, DTM
Brenda Alloco, DTMDistrict Director
The District 48 director is responsible for directly overseeing and managing the district’s day-to-day operations, finances, and human resources. Fortunately, you have a team of district leaders to help you fulfill these responsibilities.
Lynn Perry, DTM
Lynn Perry, DTMProgram Quality Director
The program quality director, you are responsible for all aspects of education and training within the district. This includes supporting quality club programming efforts, promoting the Distinguished Club Program, and planning and executing the district conference.
Cathy Naabe
Cathy NaabeClub Growth Director
The club growth director is responsible for all aspects of marketing, club-building, and member- and club-retention efforts within the district. This includes defining an overall marketing strategy for the district, developing outreach and retention efforts with existing community and corporate clubs, and penetrating new markets. Additionally, the club growth director supports challenged clubs and helps them to reach Distinguished status.

Our District 48 Administrative Team Members

Robin Savage
Robin SavagePublic Relations Manager
The public relations manager is are responsible for coordinating publicity efforts in the district. By establishing and maintaining lines of communication between the district and its members, as well as between the district and the public, this officer works to increase awareness of Toastmasters through all available media.
Emily Drenberg
Emily DrenbergAdministration Manager
The administration manager is responsible for maintaining the historical records of the district, recording and distributing meeting minutes, and otherwise maintaining accurate, timely records of district business.
Yafeng Zhang
Yafeng ZhangFinance Manager
The finance manager is tasked with the fiscal oversight and management of the district. The finance manager works closely with the district director, program quality director, and club growth director to ensure that the district is making cost-effective decisions—within policy—that result in effective fiscal management.
Kevin Adams
Kevin AdamsClub Extension Chair
Glenda Chachonas
Glenda ChachonasWebmaster
Darrell Larson
Darrell LarsonLogistics Manager
Steve Zazarro
Steve ZazarroAlignment Chair
Bob Schlesinger
Bob SchlesingerDistrict Photographer
Bharat Bharat
Bharat BharatDistrict Videographer
Kwamena Sankah
Kwamena SankahDistrict Newsletter Chair
Robyn Featherston
Robyn FeatherstonClub Coach Chair
Judi Mirabella
Judi MirabellaFall Conference Chair
Martha Jane Fisher
Martha Jane FisherSpring Conference Co-Chair
Ron Rice
Ron RiceRevitalized Education Chair
John Baldwin
John BaldwinEventbite Chair
Freeman Morey
Freeman MoreyDistrict Chief Judge

District 48 Division Directors

Rebecca Thornton
Rebecca ThorntonDivision A Director
LaShawna Franks
LaShawna FranksDivision B Director
Richard Saunders
Richard SaundersDivision C Director
Curtis Holmes
Curtis HolmesDivision D Director
Sampath Narayaran
Sampath NarayaranDivision E Director
Lisa Greene
Lisa GreeneDivision F Director
John Christ
John ChristDivision G Director
Debi Frock, DTM
Debi Frock, DTMDivision H Director
Gayle Williams
Gayle WilliamsDivision I Director
Felicia Rogers
Felicia RogersDivision J Director

District 48 Area Directors

James Ellis
James EllisArea 10 Director, Division A
Anjul Hans
Anjul HansArea 11 Director, Division A
Ellen Holtzman
Ellen HoltzmanArea 12 Director, Division A
Beverly Plant
Beverly PlantArea 13 Director, Division A
Ann Morsch
Ann MorschArea 20 Director, Division B
Renee Enfield
Renee EnfieldArea 21 Director, Division B
David Klopfenstein
David KlopfensteinArea 22 Director, Division B
Sioux Hart
Sioux HartArea 23 Director, Division B
Laurie Lupke
Laurie LupkeArea 30 Director, Division C
Georgiana Valle
Georgiana ValleArea 31 Director, Division C
Deborah Lombardozzi
Deborah LombardozziArea 32 Director, Division C
Maryann Giese
Maryann GieseArea 40 Director, Division D
Ed Niklas
Ed NiklasArea 41 Director, Division D
Brian England
Brian EnglandArea 42 Director, Division D
Kristina Trevor
Kristina TrevorArea 43 Director, Division D
Erin Felte
Erin FelteArea 50 Director, Division E
Joel Novatne
Joel NovatneArea 51 Director, Division E
Oma Khan
Oma KhanArea 52 Director, Division E
Varsha Wilson
Varsha WilsonArea 60 Director, Division F
Madison Wise
Madison WiseArea 61 Director, Division F
Janet Moyle
Janet MoyleArea 62 Director, Division F
Lisa Johnson
Lisa JohnsonArea 63 Director, Division F
VacancyArea 70 Director, Division G
Larry Kokko
Larry KokkoArea 71 Director, Division G
Victoria Redwood Creque
Victoria Redwood CrequeArea 72 Director, Division G
Amanda Figeuroa
Amanda FigeuroaArea 73 Director, Division G
Angelita Ortiz
Angelita OrtizArea 80 Director, Division H
Art Balitz
Art BalitzArea 81 Director, Division H
Cherie Haslup
Cherie HaslupArea 82 Director, Division H
Daniel Cruz
Daniel CruzArea 90 Director, Division I
Karen Smithman
Karen SmithmanArea 91 Director, Division I
Dana Carr
Dana CarrArea 92 Director, Division I
Chris Conley
Chris ConleyArea 01 Director, Division J
Steve Schonberg
Steve SchonbergArea 02 Director, Division J
Rhonda Brazina
Rhonda BrazinaArea 03 Director, Division J
Brandon DeJesus
Brandon DeJesusArea 04 Director, Division J