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By: Sean F. Forrester, DTM
Chief Pathways Guide, District 48

One of Toastmasters International’s Pathways Pioneers is George Marshall, DTM, from District 57, one of the first Districts to launch the new Pathways Learning Experience. Mr. Marshall held my position within District 57 as the Chief Pathways Guide, offering presentations and detailed materials to his members to help smooth their transition into the new educational system.



Now in its third edition, District 57 and George Marshall have produced the “Pathways Paths and Projects” guide, which we host on our own District 48 website. You can download it HERE.

The real benefits of this guide are two-fold:

First, it explains in detail all eleven currently available paths; showing each of the five levels, the required and elective projects, with each linked to a separate page within the document, further detailing the particular project’s requirements.

Second, it details, at an individual project level, an Overview of the project, the Purpose describing what is to be learned, and the activities (speaking, roles and/or activities) that one must accomplish to complete the assignment.

If you’re a planner or forward-thinking Toastmaster, either considering which path to choose for your journey, or planning the individual projects within your path that will help you achieve both your Toastmaster membership goals and your resulting personal and professional goals, I highly recommend this guide to help you understand your options, make sense of your chosen path and direction, and leverage the power and possibility of Pathways.

If you have specific questions or comments, please feel free to email me at [email protected].


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