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By Sean F. Forrester, DTM, Chief Pathways Guide, District 48

Many fellow Toastmasters have confided that it is difficult to visualize the flow of requirements for the new Pathways educational program. Thankfully, we are blessed with being one of the last Districts to transition into Pathways, which gives us many great resources from others who have gone before worldwide.

Toastmaster Mark Snow, DTM, a member of District 69 in Australia and New Guinea, must have a process-focused mind and artistic flare because the documents he has prepared show simply and in a straightforward manner what one needs to do to progress through the new Pathways educational program.

A great example is his Pathways Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Award document. You can clearly see on one page the educational (complete 2 full Pathways paths and a DTM project), leadership (12 months each of Club and District officer terms) and club extension & support requirements necessary to earn Toastmasters International’s highest award.


Another flowchart demonstrates the flow for the three projects required at Level 1 of any of the 11 currently available paths within Base Camp.

Keep your eye on our District website for more “Pathways Resources” information. If you have specific questions, please email me at [email protected]

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