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From Afflicted to Effective Communicator

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The story of a life-saving transformation as told by Beverly Plant

I was born with a neurological disorder which made talking coherently challenging. I was difficult to understand and it affected my life adversely.

I read an article in a local newspaper about a 6-week Toastmasters boot camp and I was intrigued. What did I have to lose? I knew I could ‘lose’ an hour a week for 6 weeks to learn how to “talk right,” so I joined the club. I quickly discovered how fun the meetings were. And when I saw ribbons being won, I knew I wanted one!

Six weeks passed and suddenly I wasn’t bashful about speaking. I realized I had accomplished something! I continued to check off tasks and felt like I was part of something important. I kept speaking and earning more ribbons.

We had a potluck at our club and a woman named Lynn challenged me to become involved in service. Before I knew it, I was an Area Director. OMG! It was then I decided I wanted to become a Distinguished Toastmaster. I was on track to succeed! My self-esteem came alive! I had friends and life was beautiful!

In the summer of 2017, I had another TBI. I had had three before and this was the fourth. It wiped me out. I had no drive left, no energy. I felt as though I couldn’t go on. The steady rock of my club, Dennis, talked to me. He had been part of my journey as I overcame my many obstacles at Toastmasters. He told me I had grit. This gave me the energy I needed to get going again!

I was bestowed my DTM in June 2019. I now have confidence in abundance. My friends can now understand me when I speak. I no longer shy away from speaking or getting involved. I feel worthy, challenged. I feel equal to anyone.

Toastmasters has been a blessing in my life. I have earned my Full Circle pin and I am determined to earn a second DTM. Thank you, Toastmasters, for giving me life!


Beverly Plant DTM, is a member of Seminole SPC Toastmasters in Seminole, Florida. To find a Toastmasters Club near you, visit


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